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Artist: ROSE_P

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Editors Pick week 721
editors pick week 721

Artist: MILLA_E
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Artist name: Lucy_Lapkin
Birthplace: Albuquerque, USA
Currently living in: My head
Occupation: Student, writer, and wannabe rockstar
Age: 22
Height: 165cm
The biggest passion in my life: Social justice
I like to listen to: Ask Me Another on NPR
I like to watch: Cooking shows! Yum
I like to smell: Honeysuckle and magnolia after a rainstorm

New Releases

Jul 28, 2017 Lucy_Lapkin//"wrapped-up"
"These are just photos of me living my life. I used headphones in some of the shots to show how I get wrapped up in my favourite music. I also found myself goofing off with the mirror and playing with the image in it like it was a friend. I was really inspired by Corinne Day's shoot with Kate Moss for the Face in which she treated nudity as playful and natural rather than sexual."
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Jul 27, 2017 Cody_B//"girl_gang"
"The shoot I did was supposed to be in my friend's spare bedroom because she has a pole in her room and I had some really good ideas for how I could incorporate pole dancing into my shoot but unfortunately I couldn't shoot there because I was quite sick. I had to improvise and do a really basic shoot in my bedroom and bathroom. Even though I didn't get to use my original plan for the shoot I am still happy with how it turned out. I wanted to wear my new "girl gang" top in some of the shots because I am all about girl power and us women loving ourselves and our bodies and feeling really empowered. I started the photos with half wet hair and as I took more photos it dried with nice natural waves."
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Jul 26, 2017 Marcelle//"take_the_power_2"
"One of my biggest missions with my art is the promotion of gender equality because it seems to me that there's a massive imbalance in the world between men and women. We grow up in completely different realities, being taught completely different things."
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Jul 26, 2017 Jasmine_P//"little_red"
"I had a lot of fun with shooting these photos as "selfies" really aren't my forte so I had to get creative! The first attempt taking them I got seen by someone on a back road! The second attempt I drove out into the forest in my little red sports car, stripped down and started snapping. Playing with water and car wash suds was extremely fun, although I didn't realize how slippery the engine bonnet would get and nearly slid off a few times. I wanted to show my kinky side a bit, so chose my favourite accessories (heels, fishnets & a crop) to shoot with. It made me feel really sexy and confident. I love the way the shoot turned out!"
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Jul 25, 2017 Rosalia_M//"own_it"
"I have faced myself in the mirror every day for nearly 20 years and never have truly seen myself as I have when I did this project. I photographed my most vulnerable parts, and was faced with my biggest fears. I faced my body and was forced to shoot it at every angle, and I was surprised in how confident I feel after doing this. I saw my flaws and owned them. I may not be happy with my body all the time but I know I have to continue on my path of self love, and this shoot has been an amazing step in that journey."
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Jul 24, 2017 Henna//"belle_bronze"
"This shoot was my favourite by far! It was so funny seeing the before and after shots - SO glad I started fake tanning. This was honestly a lot of fun, and made me feel great about my body. Bring on the bronze! Special thanks to my girlfriend for doing my back ;)"
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Jul 24, 2017 Milla_E//"corps_et_ame"
"IShotMySelf...why not? C'est parti! Nue sous ma robe, je cours au Rendez Vous, recupere l'appareil photo et prend direction la plage prete a relever le defi! Face a l'ocean, mon corps se devoile et le jeu commence...Au fil des prises la confiance eclot, mon corps s'amuse, ondule devant l'objectif et le soleil couchant. Instants de fusion entre Mon Ame et Mon Corps. Merci pour cette experience! Je recommande! / Let's go! Naked under my dress, I run to the Rendez Vous, get the camera and take direction to the beach ready to take up the challenge! Faced with the ocean, my body is revealed and the game begins...I trust my confidence, my body is amused, undulating before the lens and the setting sun. Instants of fusion between My Soul and My Body. Thank you for this experience! I recommend!"
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Jul 23, 2017 Marissa//"hete_zon"
"Summer has arrived and it felt really nice to feel the heat of the sun as well as the breeze of the wind for this outside shoot. It was a great moment where I connected with myself and my instincts while capturing every action and movement in the camera. That was a beautiful experience who made me feel amazing during and after the shoot. I expressed myself in different ways, showed you a peek of my personality and style and I also let my passion of dancing be part of this shoot!"
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Jul 23, 2017 Aviendha//"wish_you_here"
"This shoot was basically just me exploring my form 'through the lens' for the first time. I was trialing a few different ideas floating in my mind such as colour play (bold and subtle), play with pattern and backdrop as well as angles, lighting, line, those sort of things. I tried to create a unifying element for some consistency with the use of white and the 'blank wall'. It was a really unique experience and I learnt a lot about how I would conduct future shoots; I love the idea of having strong concepts and consistency with setting, composition, aesthetic and theme; as well as getting into some outdoor settings."
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