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Artist: ROSIE_A
Folio: "BADASS"

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Editors Pick week 686
editors pick week 686

Artist: BOBBI_J
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Artist name: Zoe_Islay
Birthplace: Port Hedland, Australia
Currently living in: St Kilda, Melbourne
Occupation: Circus Performer
Age: 20
Height: 163cm
Starsign: Capricorn
The biggest passion in my life: Circus performing - constantly improving mind, body, soul and showing my passion
I like to listen to: Depending on the mood, I like anything from 70's classics, to electro swing to acoustic
I like to watch: The reflection in the mirror while making love with my partner
I like to smell: Vanilla

New Releases

Dec 07, 2016 Jazz_J//"jazz_cat_2"
"It was different using both a video camera and a normal camera, some moments I almost forgot to grab the video camera or reposition it and i couldnt see until the end of my shoot what the viedo camera had caught. This made it more exciting."
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Dec 07, 2016 Zoe_Islay//"flexibility"
"Ishotmyself was super fun and exciting. Initially the photos were only in my room, though as I relaxed and enjoyed the moment I became more adventurous with poses and places, using flexibility to my advantage. I decided to run a bubble bath and found a love for shoots in the water - so sensual. So I waited until later hours and took to the pool, sauna and gym! It kept me on my toes as anyone could walk in at any moment. So exciting I couldn't help touching myself after. I left feeling more confident and liberated; truly a great experience and I would do it again anytime."
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Dec 06, 2016 Ginny_M//"vagare"
"Non sarebbe stata la prima volta che mi fotografavo nuda, ma questa volta non sapevo chi poi mi avrebbe visto. Ma mi sono detta, proviamo, sara' divertente. E lo e' stato. Andando in giro per casa, in una giornata come in altra ho riempito I miei tempi morti facendo questo shoot. Tutto cio' che ho trovato in casa e che faceva parte della mia quotidianita' e' entrato a far parte di queste foto. E devo dire che sono venute molto bene! This wasn't the first time I took photo of me naked, but this time is the first that I didn't know who was going to see them. But I just thought, let's try, could be fun. And it was. Wandering around the house, in a ordinary day, I filled my free time doing this shoot. Everything I found at home and that was part of my everyday life entered this photos. And I can say, they come out pretty well!"
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Dec 05, 2016 Cleo_V//"sun_splash"
When it's a hot and sunny day there's few things better than busting out the wading pool and relaxing in its cool depths. With pretty droplets rolling down her glorious skin and the sun bouncing off her hair, it's times like this that we're all very pleased and lucky that Cleo_V is such a self-proclaimed fan of being naked.
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Dec 05, 2016 Alberta//"strength"
"I didn't intend to make this a visual commentary on periods although I've found that my favourite photos are those which include blood! As a child when I tried doing ink-blot tests with my friends all I saw in them was vulvas. I was always deeply ashamed of this, and it is only in recent years that I've realised that I'm not a freak; vulvas are just really great! And if I am a freak (a vulva-obsessed freak) so much the better. I'm privileged enough not to get too many cramps so I was able to tumble around and enjoy this shoot, all whilst surfing the crimson wave :)"
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Dec 04, 2016 Lily_G//"satin_gown"
"As this was my second shoot, theoretically it should have been a bit easier than the first, however, that was not the case. It was winter this time, and the fading light created a frantic sense of impending doom the entire time. It wasn't until the last rays of light were fading below the horizon that I finally felt a good flow and in the zone. That being said, it was good to end on a confident note, and much like the first shoot, it was an important area of growth to begin uncomfortably and end feeling fresh, fine, sexy and confident."
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Dec 04, 2016 Phoebe_W//"in_full_bloom"
"I have been waiting for months for the vines in my back yard to bloom. I really wanted to take naked photos amongst them but I didn't know who I could share the images with. This opportunity came along and it was at the perfect moment. My backyard is over looked by the units next to me and so I was running outside taking a couple shots and then running back in hoping no one would see me. Unfortunately at one stage the wind blew my door shut and I was locked outside naked. Luckily a waiter from the café across the road was having a smoke next to my garage door and I had to ask him to jump through my bedroom window and come let me in. He had a big smile across his face the whole time. I went into the cafe later to thank him and he said I now have free Coffee whenever I want. It really was very funny."
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Dec 03, 2016 Selador//"euphony"
When you have eyes as big and blue as swimming pools and a creamy complexion that would make a porcelain doll envious, one has very little need for anything else. Selador's minimalist approach to her folio is stunning in its simplicity and we are a lucky bunch indeed, being awarded the pleasure to bear witness to such magnificence.
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Dec 03, 2016 Amor//"oh_deer"
"I found out a little about I Shot Myself ages ago, I always wondered what it was really about, as I only had a very vague idea. So finally two weeks ago I did a bit more research and found out how awesome this project is! With minimal hesitation, I took over. Throughout the whole shoot I had some doubts and only saw the imperfect side of my body, however after a fair bit I realised that's just how I really am, with lots of flaws and certainly lots of merits, then I started to embrace the real me, the way I express myself and statements I make via my style, makeup and everything. It is a truly awesome life experience to have! Thanks so much I Shot Myself!"
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